Atlas Copco releases whitepaper outlining untapped opportunities for UK manufacturers to save energy and reduce carbon footprint via compressed air heat recovery

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Atlas Copco has published a new whitepaper to highlight the vast unfulfilled potential of compressed air heat recovery as means of helping UK manufacturing firms to save energy and reduce their carbon footprint.

The principal message to industry is that up to 94% of the energy supplied to a compressor is recoverable as heat and up to 90% of industrial compressors in the UK could be equipped with a waste heat recovery system.

Commenting on the release of the whitepaper, Alexander Pavlov, General Manager, Atlas Copco Compressors UK & Ireland, said: “The content underscores the reality that heat generated by compressors can often be harnessed almost in its entirety to help reduce energy usage and costs substantially. At the same time, it limits CO2 emissions and assists companies in achieving their carbon savings targets.”

Not only does the whitepaper identify the compressed air waste heat utilisation opportunities, it also reviews the established recovery methods, outlines the untapped carbon reductions and the energy savings potential for compressor users.

You can visit the Atlas Copco website and download your whitepaper by clicking here

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