Compressor care in times of crisis

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During unprecedented times, it’s important to consider production equipment health, which will be vital in our recovery back to full productivity. As stated by The Rt Hon Alok Sharma MP, Secretary of State for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, manufacturing is a critical part of our economy and manufacturers are contributing to the resilience of our nation by providing essential services and materials.

The role of compressed air supply as the 4th utility for industry is well established. No matter what capacity production is running, keeping compressor systems in peak condition eliminates the costs of excessive energy consumption and the risk to output from potential mechanical breakdown. 

To ensure care is taken with compressed air equipment, preventative maintenance - such as servicing - must be invested in to ensure uptime is improved. At this time of remote working, remote connectivity could help users know the status of their equipment, enabling them to detect and propose an action plan to prevent any critical situations or downtime in the compressed air supply. Stopping and re-starting air compressors is not just a simple matter of flicking a switch, as specific rules that apply to a range of compressor types must be followed. If production is to be stopped, compressors should be turned off manually, even if they are integrated in a central controller. 

Atlas Copco Compressors is working hard to continue availability of products and spare parts, to ensure supply for hospitals and crucial sectors. Service engineers are working hard and following site rules, and government rules, stringently. Together we are keeping everyone safe and compressed air equipment health maintained for optimum performance; both now and in the future. 

Alexander Pavlov, General Manager, Atlas Copco Compressors UK & Ireland


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